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Insulating Glass Fibre Cavity Wall Ties

Qwik Fix has developed a range of GFRP wall ties, providing a thermal bridge-busting alternative to using heavy gauge stainless steel ties in wide cavity walls.

The main advantage associated with using glass fibre ties, instead of stainless steel versions, is the inherent thermal efficiency of the material.

Using GFRP wall ties is an effective and cost efficient method of improving your walls' u-value and your overall Building Energy Rating. Our ties are particularly suited for use with full fill insulating bead, but can be used with any type of insulation.

Builders recommend Qwik-Fix GFRP Wall Ties because of the exceptional bond they achieve with the mortar in a short space of time.

Qwik-Fix Wall Ties are fully certified by a UKAS-accredited test facility for use in buildings no taller than 15m, anywhere in the UK or Ireland. (BS EN 845-1)


Qwik-Fix GFRP Wall Ties Maximum Declared Value at Ultimate Load (N)*

Requirements as per BS EN 845-1 (N)







*Test results reflect worst case scenario; 325mm long tie used in a 200mm cavity (similar arrangment pictured below).

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