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Why GFRP Wall Ties?


Why Use Insulating Glass Fibre Wall Ties?

Thermally Insulating

  • Thermal conductivity of just 0.19 W/m. k
  • Improves U-Values of Cavity Walls by minimising cold bridgin

Mechanical Benefits

  • 3.5 x lighter than steel
  • 2 x tensile strength of steel
  • Non magnetic, Electrically non conductive
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Sanded surface creates excellent bond in mortar

Environmental Benefits

  • Lower global warming impact in production than stainless steel
  • Glass fibre is an abundant resource


  • Excellent bonding effect provided by sand based coating
  • Tested and certified for use in wide cavities up to 200mm



Independent Recommendations

The Concrete Centre has published a guide which demonstrates how masonry products can be used to create houses which meet the energy consumption and CO2 emission requirements of the ‘Code for Sustainable Homes’.

The guide recognises the importance of removing thermal bridging from walls and describes how fibre reinforced polymer wall ties out-perform competing wall ties in terms of thermal efficiency.


Why GFRP Wall Tiles?