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Masonry Support - Relieving Angle


Qwik-Fix Angle - System Overview

Qwik-Fix Angle is our signature product. Its benefits include:

  • The strongest angle section on the market allows support brackets to be spaced up to 20% further apart - providing time and material savings
  • Unique positive and negative 3-way adjustability (vertical, lateral and cross-cavity) mitigates for all reasonable on-site variances
  • Thermal isolation units reduce the contact area between the system and the supporting wall, reducing thermal bridging and helping you achieve sustainability targets

Qwik Fix Relieving Angle Exploded View

Component Reference:

1) Adjustable support bracket

2) Shelf angle section

3) Nylon polymer extension shoe

4) Thermal isolation unit

5) Thermally efficient packing shim

6) Fixing bolt

7) Indexed lock washer

8) Washer

9) Lock nut

10) Restraint peg