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Drop Brackets

Drop brackets are taller than other standard brackets and may be required if the angle support level is to be situated substantially lower than the bottom of the reinforced concrete floor slab or ring beam. This may be to suit a particular window manufacturers detail, or to mask with masonry some back filled insulation where a false ceiling is being installed and cold bridging is to be avoided.

Drop Brackets are often used together with a plaster key or cavity closer plate, which would be welded to the bottom of the support angle. This arrangement is suitable for use with most window details.

Our standard drop brackets allow for an overhang of up to 100mm below the bottom of the R.C. beam, and special brackets can be manufactured to accomodate even greater overhangs. Please contact the Qwik-Fix technical department for design assistance, if required. Finite Element Analysis and design calculation services are available, upon request.

Dropper Bracket