Qwik Fixings

Qwik Fix Masonry Support Systems

Individual Brackets

Individual brackets are designed to conform to BS EN 845-1 and provide masonry support above expansion gaps on radius walls and may be used as infill pieces on straight runs in certain circumstances. Individual brackets should be specified separately, citing loading specification, cavity width, supporting structure, desired fixing method and outside wall radius if applicable.

Example: You require Individual Brackets to carry a 14kN/m factored load over a 130mm cavity. You want to fix to a concrete slab using a high performance expansion bolt. The outside radius of your veneer wall is 3350mm. You require 6.5 linear metres of this specification:

Specify: Qwik-Fix Angle IB-K14-130-CN-EBCR-R3350 x 6.5 linear metres
Individual Brackets