Qwik Fixings

Qwik Fix Masonry Support Systems

Adjustment Tolerances

Qwik Fix™ Angle masonry support system provides significant adjustability in all three planes to ensure that building tolerances can be accommodated and contact with reinforcing bar can be avoided.

The indexed aperture at the back of the bracket allows up to 50mm of accurate adjustment, without slippage, in the vertical plane. Longitudinal coarse adjustment tolerance is provided for by cast-in channels in concrete structures or slotted/express cleats in steel framed building. Longitudinal fine adjustment is provided for by integrated seating tolerances.

Qwik-Fix™ is the first masonry support system to provide up to 15mm of integrated z-axis adjustment across the cavity, without the use of shims. If shims are used, their maximum thickness should not exceed the diameter of the fixing bolt.

Image 1: Planes of Adjustment

Planes of Adjustment

Bracket With No Shoe
Bracket with no Shoe
Bracket with Shoe
Bracket with Shoe