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Cavity Width/Loading

Cavity Width

All standard Qwik-Fix™ Angle configurations are suitable for cavity widths ranging from 70mm to 200mm. Brackets for narrower cavities can be fabricated on a case by case basis. When designing for cavity widths greater than 150mm in width, we recommend you contact the Qwik-Fix technical department for design assistance on fixing details.


Qwik Fix™ Angle is supplied in configurations to accommodate design loads ranging between 1kN/m and 20kN/m.

Qwik-Fix™ Angle is suitable for use with most outer leaf materials: brickwork, fairface blockwork, rendered blockwork, exterior insulation panels, cut stone and reconstituted stone.

Calculating Loads:

Masonry Load Assumptions for Brick, Block & Render per BS 648 (1964):

Material Density kg/m³ Unfactored Panel Load kN/m² *Factored Panel Load kN/m²
Blockwork & Medium Density Clay Brickwork (100mm wide) 2150 2.15 3.01
Blockwork & Medium Density Clay Brickwork (215mm wide) 2150 4.62 6.50
Sand & Cement Render (12.7mm thick) 1888 0.24 0.34
High Density Clay Brickwork 2327 2.33 3.30

* Factored Panel Load = (Unfactored Characteristic Load x 1.4 Factor of Safety)

Design Load (kN/m) = [Factored Panel Load (kN/m²) x Panel Height (m)]


 Factored Load Range (kN/m)  Specify As Follows:
 1 – 2  K02 - [Insert Cavity Width]
 3 – 4  K04 - [Insert Cavity Width]
 5 – 6  K06 - [Insert Cavity Width]
 7 – 10  K10 - [Insert Cavity Width]
 11- 12  K12 - [Insert Cavity Width]
 13 – 14  K14 - [Insert Cavity Width]
 15 – 16  K16 - [Insert Cavity Width]
 17 – 18  K18 - [Insert Cavity Width]
 19 – 20  K20 - [Insert Cavity Width]

For other materials, please refer to manufacturers’ guidelines and/or appropriate standard to determine material density and calculate design load as above.