Qwik Fixings

Qwik Fix Masonry Support Systems

Fixings for Steel

Open Fixing:

The standard solution when fixing back to uncased steel, the M12 stainless bolt can be used with all Qwik-Fix™ Angle configurations.

Set Screws

M12 A4

Design Tensile Load (kN)


Design Shear Load (kN)


Blind Fixing:

When fixing to blind box section, Qwik-Fix recommends the use of the peg bolt, which is at least as strong as a standard bolt and can be installed very efficiently.


Peg Bolt

M12 A4

Minimum Overall Length (mm)

Fixing Thickness (mm) + 18

Design Tensile Load (kN)


Factor of Safety – Tensile Load

5 : 1

Design Shear Load (kN)


Factor of Safety – Shear Load

1.5 : 1

Drill Hole Diameter (mm)*


Minimum Spacing (mm)


Minimum Edge Distances (mm)


* The Peg Bolt should not be anchored to irregular shaped holes or holes with clearances of greater than +0.1mm

Peg Anchor Tech