Qwik Fixings

Qwik Fix Masonry Support Systems

Movement Joints

The joint below the masonry relieving angle incorporates compressible filler and mastic pointing to allow for a weather proof gap of sufficient size to allow for:

  • expansion of the masonry panel below
  • any shrinkage or deflection of the building’s supporting structure
  • allowable settling of the masonry support angle.
  • The minimum gap should be at least 12mm between bricks where there is a single storey height of brickwork below the support system. The gap should be increased by 1mm for every additional metre in panel height.

Installation Detail:

Movement Joints labeled



  • a) Waterproof pointing detail (mastic)
  • b) Compressible backing rod
  • c) Mortar
  • d) Compressible Filler

Heel Support

Support at the heel of the bracket is a critical consideration when designing bracket/angle systems, as failure to support the heel correctly could result in unacceptable deflection at the toe of the angle. Our standard bracket is designed to be shorter in height than competing products. This maximises the chances of adequate heel support being achieved with a standard bracket, and minimises the chances of specials having to be designed and manufactured.

Good Heel Support
Good Heel Support
Bad Heel Support
Bad Heel Support