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Qwik Fix Masonry Support Systems

When To Use Qwik-Fix Angle

Masonry and brick panels must be restricted in size to avoid fa├žade cracking due to differential expansion and compressive stress fracturing. Differential expansion is caused by thermal fluctuations and moisture absorption.

Qwik-Fix recommends masonry support angles should be provided at every single or second story level in buildings which exceed 9m in height. Qwik-Fix masonry relieving angles are also commonly used as lintels over wide-span or corner openings

Standards: BS 5628: Part 1: 2005 or Eurocode 6

Installation Detail:
Qwik-Fix Angle

a) Waterproof pointing detail (mastic)

b) Compressible backing rod

c) Mortar

d) Compressible Filler