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Why Qwik Fix Angle


Advantages over Continuous/Welded Shelf Angles

  • Quicker/Cheaper to Install
    • The system allows one suitably instructed person to level two or three brackets and front load the angle section, potentially reducing the number of man hours required to install an entire system by up to 66%. No specialist skills are required to install our system, which helps reduce labour cost and eliminates the need to synchronise trades.             
  • Wider Cavities at Low Cost
    • The load bearing efficiency of continuous shelf angles decreases dramatically when the cavity width exceeds 50mm. Using our bracket and angle system facilitates the construction of wide cavity, thermally efficient buildings, without the need for on site welding or expensive heavy gauge material.
  • Thermal Efficiency
    • Bracket/angle systems ensure the absolute minimum contact area between the system and the supporting structure, dramatically reducing thermal bridging. Our system comes with thermal isolation shims as standard. These shims have a favourable U-Value of 0.23.

 FEA image


Advantages over Rival Bracket/Angle Systems

  • Toughest Comparable Angle Section Available (illustration above)
    • Installation efficiencies are improved by 17% on average. When compared with our rivals*, our angle section with its up-turned toe at the leading edge (patent pending), displays the greatest uniformity of stiffness at mid-span between brackets. This makes it possible to install up to 25% fewer brackets at wider centres, without compromising the system's structural integrity. 
    • This saves you money!  
  • Highest Level of Integrated Adjustability Available
    • Ours is the first system to integrate up to 15mm of adjustability across the cavity and to offer millimetre-accurate adjustment on the vertical and longitudinal planes. You will never have to revise an order. 
    • This saves you money!
  • Top Quality Manufacturing, Low Retail Price
    • By exhaustively researching all available manufacturing techniques and input materials without bias, we have delivered a premium quality standardised product which is easy to specify, at market leading prices.
    • This saves you money!

 (* Source: Independent comparative physical tests carried out by Dublin City University in 2008, under the supervision of Dr. Saleem Hashmi)