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Wind Posts

Wind Posts


Windposts span vertically between floors to provide additional lateral support and stiffness to masonry panels where necessary.

U and DU Windposts are installed in the cavity, leaving the inner leaf undisturbed, while LP Windposts are designed to be built into the inner skin of the cavity. All three types of Windposts are available in shorter lengths to serve as Parapet Posts or Spandrel Posts below windows.

Windposts are designed and manufactured on a project by project basis with specifically designed base and upper plate or angle fixings. They are also supplied with a suitable number of wall ties which will vary in relation to the post type and the cavity width.

Type Use With Cavity
U Tie U & DU Windposts  50mm – 200mm+
L 50 Tie LP Windposts 50 mm
L 75 Tie LP Windposts 75 mm
L 100 Tie LP Windposts 100 mm
L Shear Tie* 
LP Windposts 50mm – 200mm+ 


*L Shear Ties can be provided with a de-bonding sleeve if the Windpost is positioned at a vertical movement joint.

Windpost loadings are derived from an allowable stress value of 181N/mm² and a deflection limit of Span ÷ 360. The lesser of the two figures is the quoted loading.